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Adoption Basic Information

We are an all volunteer organization and the majority of dogs are kept in foster home and we ask that if you are interested meeting and/or adopting in any of our dogs, PLEASE fill out an application. Once an application is received, a volunteer will be in touch via email and/or phone to speak with you more.

Our adoption process consists of an application, reference checks, interview, and home visit prior to placing any of our dogs into a home.  We do our very best to be efficient and quickly process application, but we strive to ensure the best match for each rescue dog and also for you family. 

We realize that people are looking for a predominant breed or breed mixture, but visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable so for most of our dogs we are only guessing at the predominant breed or breed mix.  We encourage you to select your new companion by considering each dog's individual personality and pet qualities instead of relying on a breed label that is only a guess.

Each and every pet is vet checked, started on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and started on their flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.  Upon approval of your application, an adoption donation fee of $250+tax (unless noted) is due to help us cover these expenses and to ensure that we are able to help the next one in need.

Sophie - Spirited and Stunning Girl!

Sophie, much like the wind, is a free spirit and quite the stunning beauty!  Sophie was originally rescued from living outside on the reservation, with very limited human contact.  Since arriving in rescue, Sophie has started to blossom into a wonderful and sweet girl!

Sophie is approximately 2 years old and arrived in rescue January 2016.  We believe her to possible be a mix of Malamute/Husky/Shepherd type breeds.  She is still timid and shy when first meeting people, but she tends to warm up fairly quick, especially if you have treats along!  Once you've developed a working relationship with her, she becomes very loyal and wants to please.

Sophie is independent - she likes attention, but doesn't want someone to pamper her and dote on her all the time.  She likes her space.  Sophie would love to have access to be able to go outside to a securely fenced in area whenever she liked!  She enjoys spending time outside but does seek daily interaction with those she trusts.

Sophie is highly intelligent and enjoys challenging her mind as she is quite curious and needs a person willing to provide her that mental stimulation so she doesn't become bored (and make her own fun - like escape artist tricks).  Sophie is a very high energy and always looking for something to do - she would make a fantastic running partner and great motivator, as she will push you to keep going!  She also enjoys visiting the dog park and has taken to working on agility equipment.  Although smart, Sophie is also stubborn and needs a firm, patient hand to ensure she follows through on all her commands she knows (and is learning).

Sophie does okay with most dogs but seems to prefer the company of male companions.  She loves the game of chase at the dog park, however, is a little bit too exuberant with the smaller dogs.  I would also prefer a cat free home as I'm much to interested in kitty cats.  

Sophie has been introduced to children of all ages, although she can be clown like and clumsy, and she is a bit wary of sudden movements, she greatly prefers the older ages.

Are you willing to take a chance on Sophie's Free Spirit?  Perhaps she's what's missing in your life!

Sophie is approximately 2 years old and currently weighs approximately 65-70 pounds.  Sophie has been vet checked, fully vaccinated, spayed, heartworm tested negative, microchipped, and is started on her flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.  

Noodles - Our Dignified Gentleman

My name is Noodles and I'm 9-10 years old. I'm looking for a home because my owner passed away.

I'm great with other dogs, large and small, hyper and boring! I'm not huge on playing, but I'm super patient and even deal well with puppies in my face. I do have spurts of energy at times where I run, jump, and play, but I'd much rather supervise others that are playing (and bark at them). I also do very well with my feline companions and really don't pay all that much attention to them.

I'm a friendly boy and enjoy meeting new people. I previously lived in an inhome daycare and do fantastic with children and am around different kids of all ages on regular basis.

I am a low to medium energy level but I LOVE to play with tennis balls and will chase them. Sometimes I bring them back....sometimes, not so much. I also enjoy chewing on a good bone from time to time. I know my basic commands and I walk pretty well on the leash with some occasional pulling.

I'd love to find a family who will love me and enjoy me the rest of my life. I enjoy lounging in the yard or cuddled up on the couch. Do you have soft place for me to land in your home and heart?

Jules - Mr. Awesome!

As a diamond in the rough, few could see that Jules is a rare and wonderful jewel. Some love and tenderness, some care and attention, made him shine. This lovey little boy is just waiting to be precious to his forever family.

Jules came to us from the reservation, rescued from the life of a stray and barely surviving. He was very cold, scared, very thin, had significant hair loss from demodectic mange. His appearance was a sorry state. But that hope in his eyes, and that glimmer of the wonderful soul inside him still shone.

It's been a long, hard road for him. Through it all, his sweet personality and loving nature has held true. Jules is super friendly, a big fluffly marshmallow who loves attention.

Jules is about one year of age. He gets along with other dogs, both large and small. He is respectful of cats and does very well with children.

Jules is fully vetted, up to do date on all vaccinations and preventatives. He is also neutered and microchipped.

He was a diamond in the rough. Now he shines bright.

Strawberry - Our Little Shortcake!

"Why hello there! My name is Strawberry. I'm looking for a home because my owner passed away. When I first came to rescue and I was scared and unsure, but I'm actually super sweet and a friendly girl! 

I do fantastic with other dogs - of all sizes - I like to play, but I'm also content just to hang out. I grew up around cats and do fine with them - I do live with one kitty now, but I don't see her much as she's kind of a grump.

I adore people of all ages - I grew up in a daycare so I'm used to kids of all ages and I enjoy being around them! I love to give kisses and will take naps with them too!

I have been working on my leash manners and I'm improving quickly! I've also been brushing up on my basic commands and my foster mom says I'm super smart and like to learn. I'm house trained and kennel trained. I'm usually only kenneled when no one is home because I sometimes chew when I'm bored.

I would love to have a fenced in yard to hang out in or a family who enjoys spending lots of time outside. I'm low to medium energy, love attention (but not too needy) and am the perfect size (I'm only about 30-35 pounds)!


My name is Dolly and I'm about 3-4 years old and weigh about 60-65 pounds but I'm shorter in stature (like a bulldog!)

I do well with most dogs of all sizes with proper introductions and enjoy playing and visiting at the dog park. Sometimes I like cats...but sometimes I don't, so I think a home without would be best for me.

I adore people and love to meet new friends of all ages! I've been around kids fairly frequently and do very well, even if I'm a little klutzy.

I am house trained and kennel trained. I usually go in my kennel when no one is home as I sometimes miss you very much and will chew on shoes (they just smell like you!)

I'm a low to medium energy and love to go on car rides, snuggling with my humans, and low key walks. I know some of my basic commands and walk fairly well on the leash. I've been improving as I want to please my humans and I love the treats as rewards too!

Thelma - Perfect Partner in Crime

Much like her namesake from the movie, Thelma made an escape from her life when she was caught as a stray with her pup, Louise.  

Fortunately, they didn't make a crazy pact after their freedom ride to go over the cliff! You will fall head over heals for this super sweet girl though!

 Thelma is so over joyed to be in a safe and loving environment, she wants to be part of everything.  To be with you, to be included.  It's her one wish.  Her days on the road, as a survivor and protector, now have to include her forever family too.

She would love to have an active family that would include her in the things they do.  While mellow overall, she does need daily exercise.  One also that would devote time and energy to bringing out her potential!    She is curious and intelligent. Quick to catch on to your wants and needs, but wants to be sure she is in a safe place.  

Thelma does well with other dogs, doesn't seem to be interested in cats.

She is up to date on all vaccinations and preventatives and spayed.  She is also microchipped.  

Thelma would be an awesome partner in crime!

Tundra - Our Polar Bear

Looking very much like a polar bear, Tundra can almost be the size of one.  Well at least a small one.  He gets his size and handsome good looks from his heritage of Great Pyrenese and white shepherd.

Tundra came to us as a baby sitting job that became more permanent.  The family found they cannot find a place that would allow them to keep him.  

This big baby, about 1 year old, is cuddly puppy at heart.  He is a pleaser though and tries his best to curb some of those puppy tendencies.  

He is working diligently on leash manners.  He does know a few things like sit and come.  Super smart, he picks things up pretty quickly and has impressed his foster family.

Tundra is doing wonderfully with other dogs, big or small.  We are just starting to cat test him, though he does not seem to mind them so far.

Tundra is now up to date on all vaccinations and preventatives.  He has been microchipped and neutered.

He's looking for a family that can meet his energy levels, and devote time to just loving him up and including him.  Could it be you?


We will post new and recent arrivals as they come into rescue.  Please note that it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month to be ready for adoption!  We want to ensure all of our dogs are healthy, properly vetted, and we know them to ensure they are placed into the proper homes.

Odin - Male German Shepherd (TRIAL HOME PENDING)

Piglet - Male Pit Bull Mix

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