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Adoption Basic Information

We are an all volunteer organization and the majority of dogs are kept in foster home and we ask that if you are interested meeting and/or adopting in any of our dogs, PLEASE fill out an application. Once an application is received, a volunteer will be in touch via email and/or phone to speak with you more.

Our adoption process consists of an application, reference checks, interview, and home visit prior to placing any of our dogs into a home.  We do our very best to be efficient and quickly process application, but we strive to ensure the best match for each rescue dog and also for you family. 

We realize that people are looking for a predominant breed or breed mixture, but visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable so for most of our dogs we are only guessing at the predominant breed or breed mix.  We encourage you to select your new companion by considering each dog's individual personality and pet qualities instead of relying on a breed label that is only a guess.

Each and every pet is vet checked, started on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and started on their flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.  Upon approval of your application, an adoption donation fee of $250+tax (unless noted) is due to help us cover these expenses and to ensure that we are able to help the next one in need.

Sophie - Spirited and Stunning Girl!

Much like the wind, Sophie is a free spirit and quite beautiful. Originally rescued earlier this year from living in isolated conditions with little human contact, she has come a long way! She's about a year old, a stray originally from the reservation, arriving very early this year. Still a bit timid at first, once you have earned her trust (and it doesn't take long, as long as you have treats in your pocket), she is very loyal. Pampering her doesn't hurt either.

Sophie is highly intelligent, energetic, and quite curious. She needs someone one who can keep one step ahead of her and involve her fully in their life. Sophie needs an experienced family that can keep her mind occupied and body exercised. She would do great with an obedience class and she's taking very well to learning basic commands and things like the agility equipment. She would love an active family that could take her to exercise everyday with walks or runs (She adores the dog park!). 

Sophie has done well with most dogs she has met!  She can be clown-like and a bit clumsy at times, but she is slowly discovering her gracefulness!  Sophie does have the chase game down to a science and loves to play with the larger dogs at the park, however, she is a bit too exuberant with the smaller dogs.  She would do best in a no cat home, not uncommon for her breed.  

Sophie has started meeting different children of different ages and she does very well with them!  At times, she can be a bit more timid just due to the kids quicker movements and louder noises and for this reason, we think she would be more content with children who understand this about her.

Sophie is approximately 1-2 years old and currently weighs approximately 65-70 pounds.  Sophie has been vet checked, fully vaccinated, spayed, heartworm tested negative, microchipped, and is started on her flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.  

Pablo - ADOPTED!!!

Hello! Hello! My name is Pablo! I'm so happy to meet you! Do you have more friends for me to meet? I love meeting new people and friends! I get along great with everyone I meet - dogs, cats, kids, I've even met some bunnies! Even though, I love everyone, I tend to be independent, so I don't mind the time when I need to entertain myself while you're busy, but I do like to be center of attention too. If you're offering pets and treats to the others, I'm going to push right in there so you don't forget me!

I'm a pretty relaxed and happy boy, however, I do try to door dash and I'm quick! My foster mom has been working with me trying to teach me to wait. If I do slip through, I'm a stinker and forget how to come when called. I know I'm suppose to listen, but I'm a bit stubborn and need to keep working on being better.

I am house trained, but I try to mark my territory when I go somewhere new. If you stay on top of it and get after me, I quit relatively quickly. Otherwise, I've heard of this thing called a belly band, but I'd like that. I am also kennel trained.

I tend to always want to eat everything, so it's important to make sure that I don't get too much food otherwise they say I'll get fat, so they feed me on a schedule. But in turn, that makes me very treat motivated to learn and do new things!

I'd love to find a family who celebrates my independent nature, but also is willing to put the time and effort into teaching me to be a better dog, so I can be their very best friend! Is your family a good match for me? 

Pablo is 3-4 years old and believed to be a Pug mix.  He weighs 17-20 pounds and has been vet checked, vaccinated, neutered, heartworm tested negative, and microchipped.  He is also current on his flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.

Jules - Mr. Awesome!

As a diamond in the rough, few could see that Jules is a rare and wonderful jewel. Some love and tenderness, some care and attention, made him shine. This lovey little boy is just waiting to be precious to his forever family.

Jules came to us from the reservation, rescued from the life of a stray and barely surviving. He was very cold, scared, very thin, had significant hair loss from demodectic mange. His appearance was a sorry state. But that hope in his eyes, and that glimmer of the wonderful soul inside him still shone.

It's been a long, hard road for him. Through it all, his sweet personality and loving nature has held true. Jules is super friendly, a big fluffly marshmallow who loves attention.

Jules is about one year of age. He gets along with other dogs, both large and small. He is respectful of cats and does very well with children.

Jules is fully vetted, up to do date on all vaccinations and preventatives. He is also neutered and microchipped.

He was a diamond in the rough. Now he shines bright.


Often times, we are privileged to give a first name to a rescue dog. All of their life, they may not have had a home, a name or anyone to care about them and it's the very first gift they receive. To be someone, to have a name..

You may have guessed that we name some of our rescues with characteristics they display, especially as we get to know them. Some definitely tug at your heart strings, for certain. Boo is most definitely one of those.

Found as a stray on the reservation, Boo is quiet, thoughtful and shy little boy, a little bit afraid of the world. Who knows what life was like before he came into rescue? We can only guess. And honestly, that guess isn't a good one. His young life must have been a struggle. Still, during his time with us, he has been very sweet. Boo is learning to trust that he isn't going to be hurt, scared or starved any longer. He is coming out of his shell, a little more eager to trust every day. Every day, he makes some big strides and his wonderful personality is starting to shine. It's a pleasure to see!

Boo is about a year old, a wonderful little lab mix. He is about done growing up, but he will fill out a little more. He is on the smaller side of the medium scale.

Due to his shyness, we recommend that he have a family that will have patience with him, one that will earn his trust and work with him to bring out his wonderful personality and the beauty of his quiet soul. In return he will give loyalty, trust and love unerringly. Since he is shy, we also recommend that his potential family be able to have as secure yard, one he can feel safe, one where he will be safe.

He gets along with other dogs and cats. Boo is also up to date on all vaccinations and started on his preventatives. He has been neutered and microchipped.

If you think you have the dedication to bringing this wonderful little guy out of his shell, spoil him with love and show him that he can trust, we definitely want to hear from you.

Wiggles - The Ball of Energy - ADOPTED!

Let me introduce you to Wiggles!

Wiggles has definitely earned his name! His tail flies so fast and so hard, it's almost supersonic! He has rhythm, that's for sure! Just add a little music and you have a cha cha partner.

Wiggles is a super friendly 5-6 month old boy we are just now listing. The vet classified him as a lab/heeler mix. Originally from the reservation, he's a pleaser, that's for sure. We've gotten to know this sweetie over the last little while, and he is as sweet as they come, despite his rough start in life. He does eat like he's starving, and dives into his food bowl. With time, and steady diet, that will diminish.

Don't let he photo fool you, he'll be on the smaller side of medium when he is full grown. He's a lot of sweet in a little, wiggly package.

A family that will include him on fun activities, and exercise would be best for him. He is very intelligent, picks up things quickly. Sitting is a bit of a problem, because he can't sit completely still. He tries but it's almost as if his butt has a mind of it's own. LOL! He is learning basic obedience, does well on the leash, though he is still learning. He's enthusiastic for sure.

He is been tested with both cats and dogs, and does very well with both.

Wiggles is up to date on vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.

Need a wiggle butt in your life? Who doesn't?!

Thelma - Perfect Partner in Crime

Much like her namesake from the movie, Thelma made an escape from her life when she was caught as a stray with her pup, Louise.  

Fortunately, they didn't make a crazy pact after their freedom ride to go over the cliff! You will fall head over heals for this super sweet girl though!

 Thelma is so over joyed to be in a safe and loving environment, she wants to be part of everything.  To be with you, to be included.  It's her one wish.  Her days on the road, as a survivor and protector, now have to include her forever family too.

She would love to have an active family that would include her in the things they do.  While mellow overall, she does need daily exercise.  One also that would devote time and energy to bringing out her potential!    She is curious and intelligent. Quick to catch on to your wants and needs, but wants to be sure she is in a safe place.  

Thelma does well with other dogs, doesn't seem to be interested in cats.

She is up to date on all vaccinations and preventatives and spayed.  She is also microchipped.  

Thelma would be an awesome partner in crime!

Tundra - Our Polar Bear - Pending Adoption

Looking very much like a polar bear, Tundra can almost be the size of one.  Well at least a small one.  He gets his size and handsome good looks from his heritage of Great Pyrenese and white shepherd.

Tundra came to us as a baby sitting job that became more permanent.  The family found they cannot find a place that would allow them to keep him.  

This big baby, about 1 year old, is cuddly puppy at heart.  He is a pleaser though and tries his best to curb some of those puppy tendencies.  

He is working diligently on leash manners.  He does know a few things like sit and come.  Super smart, he picks things up pretty quickly and has impressed his foster family.

Tundra is doing wonderfully with other dogs, big or small.  We are just starting to cat test him, though he does not seem to mind them so far.

Tundra is now up to date on all vaccinations and preventatives.  He has been microchipped and neutered.

He's looking for a family that can meet his energy levels, and devote time to just loving him up and including him.  Could it be you?


We will post new and recent arrivals as they come into rescue.  Please note that it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month to be ready for adoption!  We want to ensure all of our dogs are healthy, properly vetted, and we know them to ensure they are placed into the proper homes.

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