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Adoption Basic Information

We are an all volunteer organization and the majority of dogs are kept in foster home and we ask that if you are interested meeting and/or adopting in any of our dogs, PLEASE fill out an application. Once an application is received, a volunteer will be in touch via email and/or phone to speak with you more.

Our adoption process consists of an application, reference checks, interview, and home visit prior to placing any of our dogs into a home.  We do our very best to be efficient and quickly process application, but we strive to ensure the best match for each rescue dog and also for you family. 

We realize that people are looking for a predominant breed or breed mixture, but visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable so for most of our dogs we are only guessing at the predominant breed or breed mix.  We encourage you to select your new companion by considering each dog's individual personality and pet qualities instead of relying on a breed label that is only a guess.

Each and every pet is vet checked, started on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and started on their flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.  Upon approval of your application, an adoption donation fee as noted is due to help us cover these expenses and to ensure that we are able to help the next one in need.

Thelma - Perfect Partner in Crime

I’m Thelma, a 2-3 year old female Shepherd/Heeler type mix. I weigh approximately 50 or so pounds and stand just above your knees tall.

I do well with most dogs my size or larger. I tend to be bossy and overly energetic when playing.

I am not a fan of cats and need a home without.

I do wonderful with people of all ages! I do prefer a less chaotic household than one that is super busy with LOTS of kids (one/two are fine!)

I am kennel trained, but prefer not to be. I am house trained but need a regular schedule.  I am extremely high energy and need long runs every day or a couple times a day!

I LOVE playing with toys, running like crazy around the dog park, and being with my people as much as possible!  I know basic commands and enjoy the mental challenge of learning new ones. I pull on the leash when we start off, but settle down after we get going and I have a chance to work off some extra energy!  I’m extremely loyal and tend to bond with one or two people in the family.

An anonymous donor has covered part of Thelma's adoption fee!  Her adoption donation fee is now $150.00

Aidan - Handsome & Smart

Bashful at first, but gaining confidence in his foster home. Loves structure and guidance from his people. He aims to please!

Aidan's Adoption Fee is $350.00*

*Additional Neuter deposit of $100 required (Our vet will not do until he is 6 months of age)

Elsa - Mellow and Oh So Sweet!

Miss Elsa Mae is sweet and lovable with a great balance between puppy playfulness and mellow snuggler! She is about 5 months old and has beautiful brown highlights throughout her coat! Our best guess on breed is lab/terrier type mixture and we predict her to be a medium sized pup when full grown. Elsa has been socialized with other dogs, cats, and children - in fact, children are her favorite! She loves to go for walks and see the neighborhood. One of her favorite past times is to lay out on the steps or deck and sun herself!

Elsa's Adoption Fee is $350.00*

*Additional Spay deposit of $100 required (Our vet will not do her spay until she is 6 months of age)


9-12 months old Male 

Approximately 45 pounds

Mother is Raven (also available/pictured below)

Shepherd/Husky/Heeler type???

Super sweet, lots of puppy but more mellow, kennel trained, started on house training, walks excellent on the leash, knows how to come, sit, and kennel up - super smart!  Good with everyone!  Additional details coming!

Adoption Donation Fee:  $250.00

Piglet - 

My name is Piglet and I'm approximately 1-2 years old and believed to be a bully breed mixture.  I'm shorter in stature, but I weigh approximately 60-70 pounds.

I love people and enjoy making new friends out on walks! I have been around children some and do pretty well, but sometimes I forget that I’m bigger than what I am and can be a little clumsy, but with continued training I would do awesome with all ages!

I get along with most dogs with proper introductions. I do better with female companions or submissive males.  I would definitely prefer to have another dog in my forever home.  I am nervous without another companion around! I have been around cats off and on and overall do not seem to concerned about cats and would do okay with them.

I have a low to medium energy level and require a good walk or romp around the yard to be content. I’m a big fan of lounging around and relaxing. I do still have some puppy chewing, so I do best if you provide me strong durable toys and bones to keep me busy.

I am kennel trained and I’m believed to be house trained as I haven’t had any accidents in my foster for awhile now. When I first adjust to a place, I may mark, but with guidance, I stop this quickly as I learn the schedule and rules!

I LOVE attention, especially belly rubs. I also give lots and lots of kisses! I can be a bit clumsy (I’m still outgrowing my klutzy puppy antics) but my silly clown antics are sure to make you laugh!

I have been working hard on basic commands and I have figured out to come when called and how to sit. I’m working on lay down and not jumping when over excited. I do pull on the leash some, but after a little bit I walk very nicely! I’m stubborn and will test my handler to see if I can get away with not doing what I’m being asked to do.

Piglet's adoption donation fee is $250.00

Wiggles - Energetic & Loving Pup!

Hiya friend! My name is Wiggles and I’m a lab type mix. I weigh about 65-70 pounds and I’m 2-3 years old!

I have lots of puppy energy and love people! I especially love people who will walk me, run with me, and play with me! I try very hard to be gentle with everyone, but sometimes I’m a little too over excited for young children.

I get along with most dogs and love to play. My favorite thing to do at the dog park is play chase. Sometimes, I can be too much puppy and too in the face for some pups, so maybe I should meet yours first? I’ve met some cats and I tend to be too playful with them.

I do have a high energy level, so I need daily run time. I do calm down after I’ve had a chance to burn my energy off and I’m content hanging out and chewing on a good bone. I love toys and balls too! I do still have the puppy chewing habits and will need help to make sure I make good choices.

I’ve been working hard on basic obedience and leash manners – I’m getting better everyday! I know how to come, sit, kennel up, and shake. I’m working on lie down too.  I am kennel trained and willing go into my kennel (as long as I have had enough exercise).  I am believed to be house trained, but I need a schedule and time to adjust to it.

An annoymous donor covered part of Wiggle's adoption fee and his fee is now $150.00

Peewee - Our Little Peanut

Peewee is a sweet, lovable 2-3 year old boy we believe is a Chihuahua/Terrier type mixture.  He weighs about 10-15 pounds and is considered full grown.

Peewee has a good chunk of energy and loves to go walking or enjoys playing with toys in the yard.  After a bit, he loves nothing more than to snuggle in for a good nap!

Peewee has done well with most of the dogs he meets, but he does act tough at first (big dog personality in the small dog body).  Once he's gotten a good sniff and everything, he's on to other things!  Peewee has been around cats on occasion and just wants to play - sometimes the cats weren't found of his playful antics, but he still tried to make friends!

Peewee has been around some children and done pretty good - you can definitely tell the young ones make him nervous and he'd prefer a home with older kids.  He loves laps and would enjoy relaxing on one daily!

Peewee is kennel trained and believed to be house trained - he has been trained to a doggy door, but does well on a schedule.  He knows how to come when called and how to sit.  He's working on learning more commands and polishing his manners!

Peewee's adoption donation fee is $250.00.

Eric - ADOPTED!!!

Shy but loves to cuddle, working on gaining confidence - benefits from having another dog to follow and learn from but really blossoms under one on one attention (he will back away if the other dogs push him away for attention)


Raven - 2 - 3 year old Female Reservation mix - possibly Heeler/Lab/Shepehrd-y type?

Shy but warms up fairly quickly.  Was previously untouched by humans for 2 years - but has gained so much since being rescued!

Good with other dogs, large or small.  Good with cats.  Good with children who understand her bashful nature.

Adoption Donation Fee:  $250

Public Opinion photo by Grace Ramey.


5 year old Male Boxer/Hound/Lab mixture

Good with dogs of all sizes

Playful with Cats

Good with children.  Protective after bonded with people.  Takes time to bond.

Adoption Donation Fee:  $250.00


One of the last Gypsy puppies available, Mr. Jack has been passed over as each of his siblings have been chosen! Jack is super sweet and likes to please, but has a feisty aura about him. He loves to wrestle and play with other dogs (and the cats if they let him) and is always excited to see children. He's very much a puppy and working hard on kennel/house training, as well as all his other basic commands! He would love to find a family who will put time teaching him new things and he'll be the best side kick you could ever ask for!

Jack's Adoption Fee is $350.00*
*Additional Neuter deposit of $100 required (Our vet will not do until he is 6 months of age)


Male - 1-2 year old Sharpei/Lab/Husky mixture

Good with other dogs with slow intros - likes to play and wrestle!  Seems to prefer his size/smaller pups.  

Good with cats - tries to play with them!

Loves people - has a protective side once you've earned his trust!  Good with kids - little clumsy, but gentle!

Adoption Donation Fee:  $250


We will post new and recent arrivals as they come into rescue.  Please note that it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month to be ready for adoption!  We want to ensure all of our dogs are healthy, properly vetted, and we know them to ensure they are placed into the proper homes.

Pearl - Female Whippet/Terrier Mixture (Hospice Foster - Diagnosis Cancer)