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Adoption Process

Sarah's Treasures Rescue adoption process is often much more detailed than what people tend to think and therefore, we ask people to understand our main point of the process.

1) Everyone is required to go through the same process. We have no favorites -- everyone must fill out the application and have their references checked. We are truly searching for the perfect home for each and every pet that comes to our rescue.

2) We do not wish to irritate, frustrate, or anger you. Our process is detailed in order to find the best home for each and every pet -- we want them to find their permanent home -- meaning we will have lots and lots of questions. We have taken time to screen each and every pet and we know what they require and need to be happy in a home. Each and every pet takes that one special person/family to be 'the one' to love them forever.

All potential adopters must meet the following requirements:

1) Anyone interested in meeting and possibly adopting a pet from Sarah's Treasures Rescue MUST fill out an application. This application does not bind you to adopting a dog from us, but simply gives us basic information to best match you with a suitable dog/puppy.  The application is not very long and it must be FULLY completed with answers specific to each question. Applications with any answers left blank will not be approved.  If you have any questions or concerns while filling it out, please email us and we'll be happy to provide you with answers or send you a physical application via postal mail.

2) References are REQUIRED!
               The vet reference is used to verify all current and past pets. We must have the name that is listed on your Vet Account and you must specify his/her relationship to you.     You also must call ahead to your vet to allow them to provide this information to us.  If you do not or never have had any pets, you MUST list the vet you plan on using and the reason why you have chosen this specific vet.
               The Sheriff or Police Reference is used to verify ordinances in your city or county. This is still required even if you live in the country as you must follow "County Ordinances".
               A Personal Reference(s) is required as well.  This can be a family member, neighbor, co-worker, or anyone you choose.  We use this reference to see if they believe you would be a responsible pet owner. 

Please understand that this does not strictly effect the outcome of your application, but it's an opinion and leads us to insight on the type of dog/puppy that would be a good match for you and your family.

3)  You must be willing to take time and communicate with us.  Remember, adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment and we want the best for our rescue pets.  This means we ask lots of questions and will tell you everything we know about the pet.  This includes the good stuff, the naughty stuff -- all of it, because we want it to be a good match!  We also want YOU to ask us questions and to express any of your concerns.  We are willing to communicate by phone and by email, plus we're more than happy to answer more questions during meet & greets as well.  We want you to be prepared for a new pet and ready to provide him/her with a new forever home.  Also please understand we are based out of WATERTOWN, SD and you will be required to meet within this area.  We do our very best to have an opening any time and any day and try to work around your schedule. 

4)  You must be willing to allow a home visit.  We only want to see where the dog will be living -- we are not concerned with your pile of dirty laundy, but only wish to ensure a safe and good home for our rescue dogs.  If you are from further away, we will arrange a volunteer or other rescue to perform the home visit.  We do our very best to be flexible for you, but we are all volunteers as well and sometimes it make take a couple weeks to get a home visit scheduled.

5)  Please understand that you will be required to sign a legally binding contract upon approval and taking home your new companion.  We are willing to offer a trial run, but this must be discussed ahead of time.  The adoption donation fee is due at this time.  Each donation fee is set per individual pet and used to cover the expenses occured such as, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, heartworm testing, etc.  Also, please understand that Sarah's Treasures Rescue will periodically check in to ensure everything is going well with your new pet and to ensure the adoption contract is being fulfilled.

After our explanation of the process, we ask you once again to understand that this process is required for everyone. We also do not mean to irritate, frustrate, or anger you. We wish for you to understand that it’s stressful and upsetting and sometimes even devastating for the pets, our volunteers and fosters, as well as for you, when the adoptions don’t work out and pets have to be returned to us. So please, be patient with us and understand that by going through this process the way that we do really is the best way to ensure happiness for everyone involved.

***Certain breeds may require additional information.  Such information may include proof that your homeowner's or renter's insurances allows that specific breed of dog, written statement from your landlord, etc.  Some dogs may require applicants to be 21 years or older or provide proof that they own their home.

Thank You.

Adoption Application

You may fill out our adoption application online by clicking the link HERE or at the very top of the page.  If you have any difficulties, please send us an email at  and we'd be happy to help you out.  We can also send you an application by "snail mail" if you call and leave a message at 605-940-6435 with your address or email  your address. 

Thanks for considering one of our rescue pets!