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Basic Adoption Information

We are an all volunteer, foster based organization and we do not have a public shelter with normal hours.  As volunteers, we try very hard to be as efficient as possible and keep the process moving forward.  We do require an application, reference checks, interview, and home visit prior to finalizing any adoption.  We strive to find the best match for each rescue pup as well as for you and your family.

We realize that people are looking for a predominant breed or breed mixture, but visual breed identification in dogs is unreliable so for most of our dogs we are only guessing at the predominant breed or breed mix.  We encourage you to select your new companion by considering each dog's individual personality and pet qualities instead of relying on a breed label that is only a guess.

All of our pups visit the vet to be cleared for adoption.  Each one is up to date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered, heartworm tested negative, microchipped, and current on flea/tick/heartworm/deworming protocols.  Every adoption donation fee listed is to help cover some of these costs so we may continue to help the next pup in need.

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Thelma - Partner In Crime

I’m Thelma, a 2-3 year old female Shepherd/Husky/Terrier type mix. I weigh approximately 50 or so pounds and stand just above your knees tall.

I do well with most dogs my size or larger. I tend to be bossy and overly energetic when playing.I am not a fan of cats and need a home without.

I do wonderful with people of all ages! I do well with children, but I have lots more fun with the older ones who run with me and can play fetch!

I am kennel trained, but prefer not to be. I am house trained but need a regular schedule.  I am high energy and need lots of daily exercise - running is my favorite, but I would excel as a hiking partner too!  I also love to play fetch.

I LOVE playing with toys, running like crazy around the dog park, and being with my people as much as possible!  I know basic commands and enjoy the mental challenge of learning new ones. I pull on the leash when we start off, but settle down after we get going and I have a chance to work off some extra energy!  I’m extremely loyal and tend to bond with one or two people in the family.

An anonymous donor has covered part of Thelma's adoption fee!  Her adoption donation fee is $150.00 - She is up to date on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, microchipped, spayed, and current on flea/tick/heartworm and deworming protocols.

Misty - The Talking Diva

Misty is a 1-2 year old Husky type mix who was found wandering the ditches on the reservation. She weighs approximately 35-40 pounds and is considered full grown. When Misty first arrived, she was treated for Demadex but has been cleared for adoption from the vet.

Misty is a happy go lucky gal who just wants to love on everyone! She loves children and does well with them. Misty gets along great with other dogs, large and small and loves nothing more than to play! She is respectful of cues and does fantastic in group play dates and the dog park. Misty has had limited exposure with cats, but overall did not seem super interested - we do advise caution as she is not currently living with any cats.

Misty has a medium/high energy level and loves to run, however, she does well with play dates and daily walks. She relaxes inside and enjoys sleeping on the foot of the bed in her foster home. Misty does well on the leash and has a great start on basic commands and manners.

Misty’s adoption donation fee is $250.00 – She is up to date on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, microchipped and spayed. She is current on her flea/tick/heartworm and deworming preventatives as well. 

Raven - Our Shy Girl

Miss Raven is our shy girl who is so very, very sweet!  Coming from a life that was full of misery and relying only on herself, Raven has come so far since arriving in rescue.  She is approximately 3-4 years old and a true reservation mutt - some breed guesses we have include Heeler/Lab/Shepherd type, but truly she could be many breeds all in one making her truly one of a kind!

Raven is shy right away and takes a bit to warm up, but once she discovers you are full of attention, love, and treats, she's extremely loyal and wants to be your best friend!  She is good with other dogs, large or small.  She seems to prefer calmer temperament pups but she will play tag/chase with them once she's feeling at home!  Raven has been around cats but would prefer a home without as she tends to try to play with them and may accidentally hurt them.

Raven does well with most people who understand that she is shy and slow to warm up - so for this reason, we recommend a home with children who respect her space and little older. She is not super high energy but she enjoys going for walks.  She loves to lay on her pet beds and snacking on tasty chew bones and antler chews.  She will occasionally pick up toys, but overall she doesn't yet understand what to do with them, but she may learn with more time!

Raven would greatly appreciate a securely fenced in yard to explore and keep her safe or a family who will always keep her on the leash as we feel she is a flight risk.  We know there is a family out there who will take a giant leap of faith on Raven and end up with one of the best dogs ever...will you take the chance?

Raven's Adoption Donation Fee:  $250 -  She is up to date on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, microchipped and spayed. She is current on her flea/tick/heartworm and deworming preventatives as well. 

Cyrus - Protective & Loyal Friend

Cyrus is a super sweet and loving 5 year old boy who originally came to rescue from Missouri because he was continuously passed over and they couldn't figure out why, so he made the journey to South Dakota. Cyrus did find a home, however, it just wasn't the right fit for him and sadly, the family returned him, so now he's looking for that special home again.

Cyrus does great with other dogs - he loves to play and run. He regularly visits the dog park and always makes friends! He's been around cats before and does okay with them but there are certain cats he just does not like (reason he was returned) and we feel he'd be much happier without feline friends in his forever home.

Cyrus absolutely ADORES people - especially children! He will be their absolute best friend and protector. He loves to play fetch, tug of war, chew on bones, go on car rides and have all sorts of adventures with his people!

Cyrus is kennel trained, but not fond of it. He would much rather go with you if possible, but if not, he does okay - a good Kong filled with yumminess helps keep him occupied while you're gone! Cyrus rarely has accidents once adjusted to the schedule, but initially he needs to watched for marking.

Cyrus' Adoption Donation Fee:  $250.00 - he is vet checked, vaccinated, heartworm tested, neutered, microchipped, and current on his flea/tick/heartworm/deworming protocols.

Reba - Charming Queen

Reba is approximately a 1-2 year old female Shiba Inu type mixture. She weighs approximately 25-30 pounds and is considered full grown.

Reba is aloof and suspicious with strangers/visitors. She takes a while to bond with her family and tends to bond with one or two people. She would do best with older kids.

Reba does well with most other dogs - she is playful and likes to rough house and wrestle. Reba has been around cats and does pretty well - she does like to play and occasionally needs to be reminded to be gentle.

Reba has a medium/high energy level and needs daily exercise. She loves walks and does well on the leash. She is a flight risk and does need to have a securely fenced in yard. Reba loves to play tug with the other dogs and will occasionally play fetch with her foster mom.

Reba is independent and a strong will to do what she wants and MUST have a confident owner, preferable someone with breed experience and obedience classes are strongly recommended. In the right family, Reba is an amazingly sweet, loving, and loyal girl who will provide lots of laughs of love through the years. 

Reba's adoption donation is $300.00 and she is up to date on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, microchipped, spayed, and current on flea/tick/heartworm/deworming protocols.


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Piper is approximately 2 years old and was originally adopted from us as a puppy, although unfortunate circumstances hit her family and they were forced to give her up. We are guessing that Piper is a Lab/Husky Type mix. She currently weighs about 55-60 pounds.

Piper is super sweet and gets along well with all the dogs she has met. She has not met any cats yet so we can't say how she would do.

Piper loves people and wants to please. She has a great grasp on all of her basic commands, is kennel trained, and house trained (once given time to adjust). She loves to play with toys and go for walks or runs. She loves treats and takes them very gently.  She has been around older children on a regular basis with some interaction with little ones.

Piper is used to having a fenced in yard and would prefer to have that in her forever home, but given the chance and good owners, she'd do well on a tie out, electric fence or always leashed on a walk

Piper is vet checked, up to date on vaccinations, spayed, heartworm tested negative, and current on her preventives. She is also microchipped. Piper's adoption donation fee is $250.00




Sprocket is a bit bashful at first, but he’s a total love bug once you earn his trust! He arrived to rescue from the reservation where he was out fending for himself – he was very underweight when first arriving. Sprocket weighs approximately 40-45 pounds now and is believed to be approximately 9-12 months old.

Sprocket does wonderful with other dogs, large and small – he just wants to run and play! He is more outgoing and quicker to trust with another dog around, so he would prefer that in his forever home. Sprocket has seen cats and did bark at them, but I think he just wanted to play. With more training and the right cat, he would do fine living with them!

Sprocket does well with kids who understand that he is shy – he still occasionally will jump up as well and it may accidentally knock over the smaller ones – but even with all of that, he does very well with all of the kids he’s met and wouldn’t mind if there were some in his forever home. Sprocket tries hard to please and wants people to like him!

Sprocket is very treat motivated – he learns quickly and is willing to do about anything for a treat! He has adjusted to wearing a collar and is learning to walk on the leash – he still struggles occasionally but a little bit of sweet talking, he’s walking along like a pro! Sprocket has learned how to come when called and kennel up – he hasn’t fully grasped sit but he’s great at lay down.  Sprocket is kennel trained and does pretty well at house training once used to a schedule.

Because of his timid nature, Sprocket would greatly prefer a fenced yard. He is slowly learning what toys are and how to play with them! If you give this boy a chance and give him what he needs to succeed, he’ll become the best and most loyal pup to you!

Sprocket is up to date on his vaccinations, neutered, heartworm tested negative, microchipped and current on his flea/tick/heartworm preventatives. Sprocket’s adoption donation fee is $250.


Bonnie is a wiggly 3 year old Pit Bull mix who arrived in rescue with her partner Clyde after her owner was unable to continue to care for them. She weighs approximately 60-65 pounds and is considered full grown.

Bonnie does well with other dogs and loves to run and play. She enjoys visiting the dog park and meeting new friends. Bonnie is overly interested in cats and we do not recommend that she live with any cats.

Bonnie can be a bit over exuberant when first meeting people, but she just wants all the love! She loves ear scratches and belly rubs! Bonnie has been around children and done well – she is a bit clumsy and may accidently knock down smaller sized kids, but she tries hard to be careful.

Bonnie is kennel trained and appears to be housebroken. She does like a schedule and starts to expect things when it’s time for them and will remind you if you’re running behind schedule. Bonnie loves to go for walks and enjoys running when she has a chance. She’s not super high energy, but always checking things out and knowing what is going on. Bonnie does enjoy playing with toys and loves chewing on bones.

Bonnie’s adoption donation fee is $250 – she is vet checked, vaccinated, heartworm tested negative, microchipped, spayed, and current on all flea/tick/heartworm/deworming meds.


Clyde is a super sweet, mellow gentleman who arrived in rescue with his partner, Bonnie, after his owner was unable to continue to care for them. Clyde weighs approximately 55-60 pounds.

Clyde does well with other dogs and enjoys visiting the dog park. He’s not highly energetic, but happy to go for walks and enjoys them! Clyde seems uninterested in cats but has never been around or lived with any in the past.

Clyde adores people and views everyone as a new friend. He loves ear scratches and sits politely to be pet. Clyde has been around a variety of people and is a favorite at our adoption events. He does well with children that he has been around but is not currently fostered with children.

Clyde is kennel trained and appears house broken and hasn’t had any accidents in his foster home. Clyde sometimes plays with toys but appears to prefer laying on a comfy dog bed gnawing on a good chew bone.

Clyde’s adoption donation fee is $250.00 – he is vet checked, vaccinated, neutered, heartworm tested negative, microchipped, and current on his flea/ tick/ heartworm/ deworming preventatives.


Penelope is a sweet honey who is estimated to be 5 years old. She appears to be a heeler/border collie type mixture and weighs around 35 pounds. Penelope came to our rescue through our rescue partner who helps pull dogs of the reservations in South Dakota.

Penelope does fantastic with dogs – she loves to play. She enjoys wrestling with her foster siblings as well as play tag with them! Penelope was introduced to cats and was curious, but very cautious. She didn’t show any aggression towards them – she is not currently living with any cats in her foster home.

Penelope loves people! She can be a bit over excited at first meeting and does jump up a little bit, but she settles down and enjoys giving kisses and getting lots of love! Penelope has been around children and seems to do fine – with her jumping (until better training is in place) she may do better with older children.

Her foster family is working with her on the jumping up as well as some of her basic commands. She does pull on the leash yet but is slowly improving on each walk she takes. Penelope was fantastic for the groomer as well and enjoyed her day of pampering! Penelope is treat motivated and tries hard to please!  Penelope keeps her kennel clean and appears to be housebroken with no accidents noted in her foster home.

Penelope is up to date on his vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, microchipped, spayed, and current on all of her preventatives. Penelope’s adoption donation fee is $250.00


Sugar - approximately 20-25 pounds - around 1 year old - timid, but friendly girl - good with other dogs, unknown with cats, limited exposure to kids, but did well

Available after remainder of vetting/spay

Bentley - approximately 25 pounds - was extremely shy and fearful - has come a long ways already! Still cautious but learning to like attention!  Has been learning to walk on leash.

Available after remainder of vetting and neuter

Watch for more details!