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Clyde is a super sweet, mellow gentleman who arrived in rescue with his partner, Bonnie, after his owner was unable to continue to care for them.  Bonnie has since been adopted.  Clyde weighs approximately 50-55 pounds but is petite in height.  Clyde is estimated to be around 8 years old and guessed to be a Lab/Pit Bull type mix.

Clyde does well with other dogs and enjoys visiting the dog park.  He's not big on wrestling, but he'd rather explore and sniff everything with a buddy.  He’s not highly energetic, but happy to go for walks and enjoys them!  Clyde seems uninterested in cats but has been around a few, but hasn't lived directly with them.  

Clyde adores people and views everyone as a new friend.  He loves ear scratches and sits politely to be pet.  Clyde has been around a variety of people and is a favorite at our adoption events.  He does well with children that he has been around but is not currently fostered with children.

Clyde is kennel trained and appears house broken and hasn’t had any accidents in his foster home.  Clyde has shown some separation anxiety when left alone - his current foster is working with him, but it will take time.  He is not destructive - but will bark and howl, sometimes very loudly for a period of time.  

Clyde's favorite toys are soft, cuddly ones that squeek - he will rip them up, so it's highly recommended that you get the 'stuffless' ones.  He loves to roll around in the grass or on top of his toys being silly.  He loves bones and goes through them fairly quickly.  

Clyde walks well on the leash, although occasionally will pull if excited.  He knows his basic manners and does very well at sit, down, shake, and roll over (you have to direct him with the treat for roll over).  When Clyde gets super excited - he smiles!  He absolutely adores snuggles and would be so happy if you could snuggle him all day long!  

Clyde does well with baths, but isn't a fan of water over his face - he'll only try to move his head, but he does let you wash his face off.  When going for walks, you'll need to be aware if there is open water nearby as he LOVES to play in the water!  Sometimes, he will take items out of the trash can - 

Clyde’s adoption donation fee is $250.00 – he is vet checked, vaccinated, neutered, heartworm tested negative, microchipped, and current on his flea/tick/heartworm/deworming preventatives. 

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