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Silas is approximately 10-12 months old male German Shepherd Mix.  He was rescued from one of the South Dakota reservations.  He is currently approximately 60-65 pounds but is likely still growing.  He will be a large boy once fully grown!

Silas does well with other dogs of all sizes.  He is very much a puppy and still learning some proper manners when greeting other pups and can be overexcited and in their face to start (and most other dogs do not enjoy this type of greeting).  Silas loves to play and wants to run, chase, and bark at his new friends.  Silas has been around cats and does well with them – at times, he tries to get the cats to play.  Silas would do fine living with cats given the opportunity to learn the individual cats’ boundaries.

Silas does well with people and just wants to receive all the love!  He can take a bit standoffish after saying hello, but it’s got nothing to do with you – he’s just very loyal to the people he sees regularly and worries about what they are doing!  Silas has been around children of all ages, but being a puppy, he’s sometimes a bit clumsy and forgets his size with them.  With continued training, he would do fine with children.

Silas has ‘busy’ puppy energy about him – he always wants to be checking things out and seeing what else can be done.  He does eventually calm down and relax, but he is also the first one to investigate any new thing!  Silas is kennel trained and mostly house broken – he does best with a regular schedule as he doesn’t quiet understand how to signal that he needs to go outside.  Silas knows how to come and sit.  He is working on lie down.  He’s a smart boy but needs additional practice at learning all of his commands!  Silas does pull some on the leash, but that’s improved greatly and typically only happens now when he’s excited or first starting off.

Silas is hoping to find a family who’s willing to continue teaching him how to be a good boy and learn his commands.  He has tons of potential to be a loyal companion and would love to show off his new skills in 4-H or another activity!

Silas is vet checked, started on vaccinations, heartworm tested negative, microchipped, and current on flea/tick/heartworm/deworming protocols.  He’s not yet been neutered (due to Covid-19) but will be neutered prior to going to his new home.  Silas’ adoption donation fee is $300.


More Photos Soon!

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