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Pookah -
RIP April 2016

Meet Pookah! He is an older fellow who is incredible sweet, lovable, smart, and athletic! He loves to show off his smarts, chew on bones, and enjoys long walks/runs. Pookah would rather not be part of a busy household and is not a fan of being coddled and hugged on too much. Pookah has an escapee problem and needs a securely fenced in yard and an owner who is willing to give him the mental stimulation he needs to be happy. Pookah gets along with other dogs and cats, but may occasionally like to give the cats a tough time and may chase them once in awhile -- he never hurts them, but it's his way of showing them that he will not put up with the in the face rubbing they tend to do! A perfect day for Pookah would be a morning run of a couple miles, a good hearty breakfast, and learning a few tricks/working his brain before taking a nap and relaxing. He also loves to end the day the same way before he goes to his bed to chase rabbits in his dreams.

Pookah came to the rescue in March of 2012.  Being a senior boy, he was constantly overlooked and he is now enjoying his retirement and will live out his days with Sarah's Treasures Rescue.

If you wish to donate to Pookah's ongoing care while in rescue, please donate to Whisper's Fund on the right hand side of this page, or mail donation to 711 9th Ave SE #170, Watertown, SD  57201 with a note specifying the donation is for Pookah. 

Whisper -
RIP November 2018

First Arrival - 8/10/11
Picture taken 8.24.11

Whisper was born June 11, 2011 and was surrendered to our rescue on August 10, 2011. She had arrived with her sister, and was very sweet and lovable, however Whisper was also special. Somewhere, in her short life, she had lost her one back foot! The vet guessed the mother had likely stepped on/chewed off Whispers foot on accident. With the advice of our vet, we raised the funds to have her back leg amputated mid-thigh.

Whisper underwent her surgery on September 1, 2011. It was a big surgery for such a little girl (she weighed approximately 7 pounds) and she did alright through the surgery.

Day After Surgery 9.2.11

As a rescue, we have adopted Whisper ourselves. This way, everyone - you, me, our fans, everyone - gets to meet this special little girl. She will be attending our events once she is fully recovered and healed.

Whisper has fully recovered. She runs and plays just like any other dog. She is very smart and tires hard to please, but she is also very stubborn and can be independent. She loves to snuggle. She is a big fan of playing with tennis balls and rope toys.

Whisper attends some of our events and she has a blast meeting people and getting to know all of her fans!

We have started a special fund set up for dogs/puppies needing rescue that need special surgeries/additional vet work. It is our "Whisper's Fund" and it will allow us to help those who desperately need rescue and deserve a second chance at life, just like Whisper!

You may donate by calling our vet clinic at 605-878-7297. The donation will go directly onto our vet bill at the clinic. You may also donate by mailing a check with a note "Whisper's Fund" and we will place it towards a 'special needs' pet - our mailing address is:
711 9th Ave SE #170 -- Watertown, SD 57201

You may also donate by clicking the donation link button and specifing "Whisper Fund" on the notes section of the donation screen.